Bloom Where You're Planted

As a wife and mother I spend a lot of time thinking. I recently received a letter from my alumni extolling its recent successes - this got me thinking, actually lamenting, my lack of success professionally since I graduated almost fifteen years ago. So how can I undertake to bloom where I am planted? here in 日本?

This where I am at today: A Curriculum Vitae of sorts

35 years old, married with two children
Own car and licenced driver
Semi-permanent resident of Japan
Fluent in English and near illiterate in Japanese, some French
Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) with honours - major Marketing


Surfing the Internet
Organising and decorating
Crafting and creating things (sewing, knitting)
Baking and decorating
Shopping (online!)
Letter writing and corresponding
Child raising, parenting, pregnancy

So looking at this what can I do?

I need a business that I can run from home at any hour of the day or night. Remember I have two young children. I'd like to steer clear of the usual teaching English although I do have a couple of people who I "teach" on a regular basis. I am not interested in running my own school. Translating is out since I cannot speak the language. Even though my husband would love to help me with a business venture he simply doesn't have time so I cannot rely on his expertise or assistance. It has to be something I can do on my own. It doesn't have to be something really profitable even but it will need to be satisfying and fulfilling.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

A final note.
This is a personal journey but at the same time I feel there are many women in a similar predicament. Can we help each other? Have I learned anything along the way that I can pass on? You may have read my other successful (no longer operating) blog, Osaka I was able to touch many people through this website and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now that I am an old hand at parenting (laughing) I'm ready to develop in a different way. Join me!


  1. Wow , I think you are doing really well > We have been in Tokyo (from Australia ) and we are really struggling. Myself in particular . I was hoping to get in to the local craft scene but not as easy as I thought . All the fablulous craft books are all in Japanese or French.
    Love your site

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence!It takes a long time to find yourself here. I hope you manage to do it eventually - before you leave to return home!
    Thanks for popping in!

  3. Hello,

    I simply love your blog! Tell me how can you do it? I cannot settel in here and feel a painful sense of exile..
    I love Japan and the culture and yet feel lost and too far away from my world! I did try to teach French & English but failed as I got tired.

  4. Thank you! so kind and really motivates me to keep it all up! Keep trying until you find your niche is my advice.

  5. Dont know what happened there ... did my comments go through?

    anyhow love the site .... will come back!


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