Here in Japan life is pretty good. We live in a brand new house, have two cars, travel on occasion, we are not wanting for much. In light of that before our second child was born I decided to sponsor a child through World Vision. Our sponsored child lives in Mali, in Africa. She will be six years old in July. We receive photos and letters from her a couple of times a year. I made the arrangements when I was home in New Zealand last year but I don't think it would be hard to arrange the direct debit from Japan.

I also support Unicef by buying cards and gifts from their seasonal catalogues. The Christmas cards are actually good value since they come in packs and the designs are lovely.

There are many ways to be charitable here. The easiest way to donate is by dropping spare change into the collection bins next to the cash registers in convenience stores.

From time to time I hear about other charities and I always try to help. Teaching one of my private students a few times a month for a couple of months covers the cost of sponsoring our child in Mali.

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