Teach if you must

In my first post I mentioned that I do, on occasion, teach English to private students. I only have a couple of students one of whom is a retiree so I don't charge much. One of my students found me via Find a Teacher. I have been contacted quite a few times by potential students so not only does it work if you are looking for privates, it is also a great business idea!

I had an idea the other day - Find a Guest Speaker. Have you ever been asked to give a speech or appear as a speaker here in Japan? I did it once, years ago at International House in Osaka. I was paid the handsome sum of 10,000 yen. I spoke for a few minutes about the Flower Industry in New Zealand which was something I had studied at university. Anyway, there must be a lot of small groups or organisations who would enjoy the pleasure of a guest speaker but have no idea how to make contact with one. It would just be a way of putting the right people in touch. Just an idea ...

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