This morning I taught Mr.A for an hour. It was both enjoyable and enlightening. He shared with me some writing he had done about his experiences as a "home stay" student in New Zealand last year. He told me that he had stayed with four families in the four months he was there. Shockingly he had disagreements with two of the families and the third asked him to leave. He is a self-confessed "tough customer" but it was interesting his views on what he expected as a home-stay from his host family.

If I ever get my home stay business up and running I will remember this conversation with Mr.A.

On another positive note one of the kindergarten mothers has asked me to teach her daughter. Since I am good friends with them I am happy to do it. I will spend some time planning the lessons and make it worthwhile simply because I will be able to use the word-of-mouth advertising should I decide to expand in the future.

For the moment, while my kids are little, teaching is just small change but it could be more later ...

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