Getting Organised

Yesterday we took delivery of our new TV cabinet. It's our first furniture purchase for the new house (with the exception of patio furniture). We have now been here for sixteen months. It looks so cool. I love it.

On Friday I took my two kids to the local hardware shop with the hopes of finding a nice shelf for our laundry. As always I couldn't find anything remotely close to what I had in mind. I was hoping to get something that matched the shelves in our toilet and bathroom. But alas there was nothing like that. So we got this: ( a free-standing rack that fits above the machine)

Then last night I was sorting through all of the warranty cards and instruction manuals and found a little cap for the washing machine. It's bothered me for a whole year that I had to have that hose poking out the top - it's for reusing grey water from the bath for your wash. Since we have a separate bathroom and laundry this isn't an option. Now the hose is neatly stowed away. Great!

And my warranty cards are all categorised in a neat accordion file.


  1. I have almost the exact same tv cabinet, only in alight wood color. We got two cabinets to go on each side since DH has a bazillion stupid soccer videos. I like the closed spaces underneath - kind of keeps the kids from messing with the machines-dvd players, video deck etc. That is exactly why I got this one.

  2. Yes and the dust stays out. We've been really pleased with it. Does your little guy like to climb into the drawers like mine does?


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