Lightbulb moment

I spent the other evening making small gift cards to sell at the kindergarten craft fair. After I packed it all up I wandered through my office and caught sight of a card that my sister-in-law had sent me. It's one I had custom-made for her birthday two years ago. My notice board is full of great cards and notes that people have sent me. It suddenly occurred to me one of the things I am passionate about is letter writing, stationery, keeping in touch, stamp collecting, card making, buying and making presents, the list goes on but I finally can see a trend here!

Take my recent purchases as an example. Today I bought a book for my nephew who is getting a new baby brother this week. Yesterday I bought two stationery sets for myself and one for my sister. I also stocked up on stamps at the post office. Last week I bought a mobile for my sister as she is expecting a baby later this year. A week ago I went to the outlet mall and got t-shirts for my kids and a couple of things for a friend's baby who will be one in November.

It's finally become clear that this is what I love! Born of circumstance - I live overseas and need to keep in touch - but it goes way back to childhood I think.

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  1. I love it!! I love the title, it sums you up.
    You are booming gorgeous,
    blooming marvellous.
    In the grand scheme of things I haven't known you all that long, but I reallyseen you go fro strength to strength over the past couple of years.
    Lets drink to eternal blooms and works in progress.


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