All roads lead to Japan

The other day my dear friend mentioned The Law of Attraction. I feigned knowledge but in truth I had no clue what she was talking about (busted).

I rushed to google it. From what I could deduce and correct me if I'm wrong, it's a kind of positive visualization thing but it can also be negative. Basically you get what you think about. My auntie is into it she says "If you put it out there ..." it's one of her catch phrases. A book I was reading a while ago talked about "voodoo" when explaining how negative thoughts become reality.

So after doing lengthy and thorough research (on the Internet) about the Law I decided to visualize myself a successful business operator, going to meetings in a white linen suit (!) slim and gorgeous with perfect hair and makeup, all the right accessories. Or elegantly holding my preschooler on my hip, surrounded by spools of thread on a kitchen table slash workstation as I sketched my latest designs.

Flash forward two days I am back on the Internet flicking through other people's blogs, organizing my bookmarks, generally wasting time. I click on a page that links to an Etsy shop. I read further down the blog to see that the blogger has recently acquired a Print Gocco machine. I click to see where she gets her supplies and it flashes over to another etsy shop which I bookmarked a few months ago - the owner is right here in Kansai.

So you see all roads lead to Print Gocco, a Japanese invention, so I am going to make a concerted effort to do something with mine this weekend. If you've read my previous posts you'll see that Print Gocco and card making was brilliant get-rich-quick idea #268. Gathering dust as we speak.


  1. I think your friend really knows what she is talking about with LoA, you should really pay heed.
    Sounds like a very wise woman.LOL
    The trick of LoA is to be very specific in visualising what you want ('Becareful what you wish for') and really believe that it will be delivered. ( "ask and ye shall receive").

    I would keep this gal around if I were you :)


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