Anger Management

Today I had an awful meltdown and screamed at my kids, yes even the baby. It was frightful. I was feeling stressed out, tired, hot, hungry and a gazillion other things which I could use as excuses.

At the end of the day I really need some strategies to deal with my fly-off-the-handle temper. My mum has her thinking cap on (I had to put in an emergency call to her). She feels it's to do with being disorganised especially when it comes to food and meal preparation.

Does anyone have their groceries delivered? I looked into Co-op after my baby was born. At the time it seemed overpriced plus the selection of food available was no different than what we can buy at our local supermarkets. I am beginning to feel it's worth paying the extra just so I don't have to drag the tired, screaming, hot baby in and out of his car seat.

What about meal planning. I have looked online a few times but never found anything I can stick with. My older child is a bit fussy. He complains if we have the same meal twice in a short timespan which makes me furious. My younger child has food allergies plus he's only one so he is still being introduced to a lot of foods. My husband works late so I need meals that can be prepared and re-heated. As for me, I could definitely benefit from some healthier meals since I am overweight and I am still breastfeeding.



  1. I used to belong to a site called "menu mailers" it`s run by people associated with Flylady. Once a week, they send you a shopping list and the recipes. It did make life easier.

  2. Thanks Darlene. I remember you mentioning that. I'll check it out.


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