Autumn is coming

Finally there's a crispness in the air. It's nearly Autumn!

Let me tell you about my best purchase in recent times: my Crockpot which I ordered from FBC. Cooking in it takes a bit of planning and you really need an excellent cookbook. But once you understand the basic principle it's brilliant. Avoid the nightmare five o clock witching hour by preparing your evening meal in the morning while you are still happy.

Last night we had Pork with Peaches (an Alison and Simon Holst recipe) which was made with store cupboard items including canned peaches. The only fresh ingredient I added was the pork. It was easy, so delicious and best of all the whole family ate it, even the baby. The pork was like butter it was so tender. We've had the leftovers tonight with jacket potatoes.

Since it's cool this evening it really seemed fitting to be eating a yummy wintery casserole and steaming potatoes.

You must check out this book by Alison and Simon Holst. It's not the same one I have by the same mother and son team but any recipe by them is foolproof believe me.

My last tip is also from Alison. When you order your Crockpot from FBC throw in a can of Rios Cooking Spray (stock # 32673). It makes clean up a breeze.

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