BOB Books by Bobby Lynn Maslen & John R. Maslen

Those of you who read my earlier post will recall that I said we would be looking at the BOB Books this week. We've signed up at to take part in book reviews and discussions. It's really cool!

Our books have been M.I.A for a few weeks then finally they arrived yesterday- two packages! The computer generated address labels got all screwed up since it was an overseas mailing address. A big shout-out to the DHL guy for putting the pieces together and finding me (in 36 degree Celsius heat!).

My son was at school but I knew he was going to be excited. He loves reading and loves new books. Thanks to Mothertalk and Scholastic for setting us up with them.

We opened the box eagerly and delved into the first book. I thought it was going to be pretty easy for him as he's past the beginner stage. However I wasn't prepared for him to read the whole thing without hesitation or the need for reassurance. He stumbled over a couple of words in some of the later books but he was able to work them out by himself! I was so pleased.

This morning as I was getting ready I told him to brush his teeth, wash his face then go and finish reading the BOB Books. He did as he was told straight away without a fuss (another sure sign they're a hit!). He came back a few minutes later to tell me that he'd finished them.

He chose to tell me about the The Vet (Set 1, Book 12). He said "The Vet one is really funny". "What do you think happened?".

I thought about it and said that I thought that Mat had sat on cat who had gotten squashed so they had to go to the vet. This had him in hysterics. The first couple of books have stories along these lines. So simple yet so funny to a five year old.

Then he told me that the vet got into a van, drove to the zoo, and attended to the lion who had a bad leg. He used the exact phrases from the book so I know he read the words rather than just looked at the pictures.

What he thought was so funny and why he liked this book the best was that the vet simply put a bandage on the lion's bad leg and it was fine.

"And then they started running around!!" he was laughing his head off. Isn't it funny what amuses kids?

Overall the books are very good. To me they seem so basic with their simple line drawings and short sentences. But to the five year old emerging reader they represent something much more - a book that he can read, really read all by himself. That's fantastic.

The baby liked the box, opening and closing it. There's something for everyone in a BOB book. ;)


  1. Glad he is doing so well with them. My DD has shown a lot of interest in learning to read, but I have been really lazy about helping her get started. Bad me! She loves books though.

    As for DS, he loves books too - loves to rip them into a million pieces. He even managed to tear up so tough baby books that some people claimed were indestructable. Right!

  2. i got this Bob book first set when in the states last year. it was pricey so i bought it with money that was gifted to my kids. they really like the books and dd1 was reading the first several before she could read anything else. the drawing seems so simple and crude to me - like hey I could have done that and made all the money these people are making off it! oh well. =)


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