I'm off to Costco tomorrow. I'll be gone most of the day as it's quite a trek from here. If I have any energy when I return I'll try and think of something to post!

In the meantime here's a picture I took to promote my home stay idea.

"Delicious home-cooked meals ..."

Have a good day.


  1. home stay???
    Like, TOTALLY! How much are you gonna charge? And when can I come?

  2. looks good enough to eat!!!

    Is that quiche???? is it vegetarian? and YAH I would totally love to do a home stay!!!!!!

  3. Hey anytime! Both of you are welcome to "stay in my home". For my special pals it's FREE!

    Yes it's quiche Jan. Vegetarian but not vegan since it has eggs in it. It's one of those self-crusting ones, very easy.


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