Have you seen this guy on Oprah? He's so hot! He's an interior decorator. I just love his look - both him and his rooms. His name is Nate Berkus.

There was a picture but it's had to be removed.

What endeared me to him even more was the tragic story of the loss of his partner in the 2006 Asian tsunami. Read about it here at Oprah.

I see he even has a book. If he is featured on every page I might just invest in a copy. Joking aside wouldn't you love to have the money to hire a decorator? I'm hoping my son grows up to be either a decorator or an architect so I can use his service for free!


  1. If his work looks as good as he does I am sold!

  2. Isn't he yummy? but sadly he bats for the other team, always the way isn't it?

  3. I see the powers that be over at Nate's website have removed the picture! It was good while it lasted!


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