Friday shopping

With Christmas on my mind I headed to the mall today to do a spot of Christmas shopping. Wow, it's got to be a record for me starting this early. Actually it was nice as I was able to really look around without any pressure. Usually I end up spending way too much money as I have run out of time and ideas. Today I got a few small things that will make great stocking fillers. Since I wasn't under any stress I looked in shops that I have never been into before. I found some cool things.

Before I left for the shops I made a list of course. I have used colored index cards, one for each family I am buying for including my own. Between now and Christmas if I get any ideas or hear anything through the grapevine that someone needs or wants I'll be able to note it down. Super-organized or what?

Since I am from the southern hemisphere but live in the northern I do get a seasonal advantage. Unfortunately though I seem to have missed the sales - all the autumn and winter stuff is already in the shops. Next year I may have to be even more organized and shop in July!

If I get all my shopping done early I might be able to send the package by slow post and really save a bundle. That'll be my motivation. I must check the cut off dates for mailing overseas.

Hope you've all had a good end to the week.

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