My husband and the purple people-eaters.

Today is Husband Appreciation Day unofficially, here in my house. My hubbie has gone off on a short business trip. Usually I'm really glad as it means I don't have to cook his dinner. I can have Mac n Cheese with the kids at 5 o' clock.

This morning as I hauled the rubbish down to the gate I had a sudden moment of clarity about my husband and his role in this family. I've complained before about feeling like a solo parent. Today I realised just how wrong that is and how much he actually does do.

It's the small things that really count. He makes me a coffee everyday after dinner, just the way I like it. He turns on my bedside lamp, closes the bedroom curtains and puts the air con on (in winter he switches on my electric blanket). He locks up the house and turns off the outside lights. He takes care of the rubbish and recycling. Even though he's only home for a few hours each day he really does a lot.

It must be a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder :) He'll be back tomorrow.

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