I'm back with the Pockys

Costco was a huge success today. It was really crowded but I managed to get everything on my list except Olive Oil. Montchan is going to be thrilled when she reads that the Pocky have been purchased (click on the title for a link).

Santa at Kansai Airport last year.

'Tis the season at Costco. It was bursting at the seams with Christmas garlands, gift wrap, cards, candles. There were loads of gimmicky flashing LED light displays. And other really over the top decorations. I saw one woman buying a wreath about a meter in diameter. I wondered where she could possibly hang it. It would dwarf my front door.

I confess to buying a 4-pack of foil gift wrap. About three years ago I bought a roll of red and white Christmas wrapping paper. I still have it after using it the past two Christmases in a row. I can't bear the thought of it again.

For my gift closet I got a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Lotion. It might be good for my sister-in-law.

According to Organized Christmas.com there are only 103 days until Christmas! Joking aside I think I will try and get my shopping done earlier this year just so I can manage my budget better.


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