It's September which means rice harvest in Japan. This is a curiosity - it doesn't seem to matter if you live in the city or the country there is rice planted everywhere. Back home, land of sheep and cows, you would not expect to stumble upon a sheep paddock amongst the suburban homes. Different zoning laws?

The city rice plots always seemed like a haven for tossed beer cans and mosquitoes when we lived in town. Now that we are out of town, the rice fields are larger and much more picturesque. I've been feeling inspired by the contrast between the beautiful clear blue skies and the gorgeous sea of green outside my dining room windows.

RiceHarvest05 copy

This picture was taken by Peter Gehr and is part of an album viewable on webshots outdoors.

The houses across the way have these great blue tile roof tiles. I am thinking about incorporating this into my business in some way.

Blue roof, blue sky

This photo is also from webshots travel and was taken by Helen in Okinawa.

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