Is it a sign?

I was talking about how the same things keep cropping up. Yesterday it was people's infatuation with Print Gocco. Today it's Africa.

Here are the instances:

Friday a week ago: In my in box, the Hope Newsletter talks about the plight of Sudan.
Wednesday: I receive a letter from Unicef about the "monthly support program" most notably for children in Africa.
Thursday: Hotel Rwanda was on TV.
Sunday: we rented the movie Blood Diamonds, set in Sierra Leone.
Today, Monday: my son's books arrive from Amazon, included is a pamphlet from World Vision, it's all about the children in Africa.
Today, Monday: my student calls for some help translating an email from a pastor in Rwanda.

I'm not sure what it means. We already sponsor a little girl in Mali, Africa. I'm not saying this is enough, no way.

Perhaps I need a Fight Poverty banner for my site.

If you live in Nagoya you can support Hope by attending the Charity Concert on September 30th, at Shooters. The proceeds will go to Sudan.


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