Make your own tissue case

If you have a craft fair (bazaar) coming up at kindergarten, as I do, these tissue cases are easy to make. Truly can be made in half an hour or less.

I used a cotton linen for the outer and a lightweight cotton quilting fabric for the lining. All up it took me about an hour to make three today which included cutting the fabric, hauling the machine out, re-threading the bobbin, snipping the loose threads and inserting the tissue packs.

100 yen shop for clear packets and we're away laughing!

Give it a go yourself. Email me if you need more help with them.

**OK I had painstakingly typed out the instructions with photos on but now it's not working. Email me if you really want to know.


  1. wow... that is cool material....

    love those lady bugs....... they would look really great in a quilt.

  2. Isn't it cute? I only had leftover scraps from last year's craft fair efforts. I made garcon aprons last year (those short ones).

  3. That is really cute. If I ever decide to quit being so lazy I might try to make a few for next years bazaar.

  4. Someone bought this one but a couple of others, not as cute fabric, were not sold on the day so I bought them myself, hehehe.


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