Odds and Ends

The bag is finished. It's turned out OK. I think the handle is a bit long (again) so I will use it this week and decide. It could be used as a messenger bag I guess, we shall have to see. It's a perfectly horrid picture of the mess of cables under my desk, sorry.

On to better things. Christmas shopping! Friday's little soirée at the shops was lovely. Yesterday my husband decided he wanted to go shopping for sneakers so we trotted back down to the mall. I had a plan having mulled over my gift lists subconsciously overnight. I managed to get a few more small inexpensive items that will be perfect.

And, upon our return my son and I photographed the gifts and then wrapped them up in the lovely paper from Costco. We've stuck post-it notes on each one so we know what it is and who it's intended for but since it's only September the recipients are not locked in yet. The photos will serve as a reminder of the contents. We were very pleased with our efforts. My son is just like his mum, he loves to plan parties, celebrations and presents.

Here he is in this picture with one of his Halloween decorations.


  1. The bad is lovely, but the jack-o-lantern is fabulous!

  2. Sorry, meant to say "the bag" not "the bad" Mommy brain you know.


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