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My five year old is quite a proficient reader. We're reading a Jigsaw Jones Mystery together at the moment which he is loving. Since it's a chapter book he is learning how the story unfolds quite slowly. A lot of time is spent developing the characters and setting the scene.

I have found him skipping ahead twice! This morning he told me the ghost won't reveal itself until chapter nine! That'll be next week at the rate we're reading.

I'm thrilled we've found something that has piqued his interest. He's at the stage where a lot of his picture books are too babyish but the longer more interesting titles seem to be aimed at slightly older and more worldly children.

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Next week we'll be looking at the Bob Books. I'm new to these myself but I think they are well known in the States. I can't wait for ours to arrive so we can see how good they are. We're part of a Bob Books tour. It's very exciting.

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