I'm lucky I have found a really nice woman to teach as a private student. It's hardly teaching though since she speaks so well. Today's lesson was spent catching up after the long summer holidays then we looked at the topic of the aging population.

You only need to scan the headlines to see that this is a major concern for Japan. The article I found was coming at the "problem" from a different angle - that of marketing to this sector of the population.

It's no secret that many Japanese retirees are quite well off financially. Corporations are trying to come up with innovative products that will help the elderly, enhance their health and well-being and encourage them to part with their hard-earned cash.

We're going to be spending the next week brainstorming ideas for products - it could be the next big thing and I'll make my millions! Tomorrow my "grey power" student is coming so I'll pick his brains on the topic as well.

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