What Are You Watching?


I'm a huge ER fan so I am pretty gutted that the season has just ended. I confess to cheating. The finale was such a nail biter I had to go to the network site and check on my favorite characters. Don't worry this isn't a spoiler. But PLEASE if you hear when ER will be starting up again can you let me know? Thanks. I missed a few this season since I (shhhh) don't read the newspaper.

House is keeping me going on Wednesday nights. And I enjoy critiquing the episode with my buddy Muriel. My favorite character is Dr. Cameron. I think she's lovely. Of course House is cool too.

Did anyone watch Huff? I thought that was really good. But I sneaked a look at the network site (I'm bad for doing that, it's all about instant gratification with me) and the whole series was canned.

I see Desperate Housewives makes a reappearance next week. The third season. I didn't watch much of the last season so I probably won't watch this either. It's not worth staying up late for in my opinion.

Cold Case! This is going to be on AXN I think, starting in December. I have a real thing for female leads I think. The actress who plays the lead detective in this is so beautiful. I might google her later.

What does anyone know about Heroes? Me, I know nothing. Except it is starting soon. Is it some kind of spin off from Lost?

And Medium? I like Patricia Arquette (of course) so I will try and tune in for that.

The final season of Friends is going to be on soon. I'm over Friends so I doubt I will pay much attention to it unless nothing else is on.

Does anyone else have any more viewing tips to share? I'm a pretty mainstream kind of gal when it comes to TV.


  1. I am with you all the way on the TV stuff my friend.
    I don't usually peak ahead, but if I know what it going to happen in ER I don't mind cos it is the watching of it I love, I don't watch it to find out what happens I just watch it cos it is great TV.

    In House, House himself, the great man is my favourite, he reminds me of someone, oh me, me he reminds me of me.
    he is just like me except of course I am not a brilliant doctor and diagnostician, and I don't have a gimpy leg, but I am grumpy and British, I can relate! LOL.

    Brother and Sisters is coming to AXN I think in the LOST slot on Sunday nights, that looks good, I will be tuning into that.

    Also love Cold Case, I wonder what series they will start with in December. I know it has been running on WowWow a while but I forget to tune in, I completely forget about Wow Wow so I think I will stop paying for it.
    I love the lead though, is it Lily?
    She is gorgeous and wears those fab little suits.

    ER usually comes back on the first Monday of April, I will try to remind you.

  2. Heroes is its own thing, no spin-off. Nice too. We are in the middle of the first season here in Sweden.

    Hmmmm.... House! Hugh Laurie... there are a few things I'd like to do to this man, but none of them could be mentioned on a family blog.

    CSI Las Vegas is another one of my favorites.


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