Afternoon tea anyone?

Today has been one of those really long days. We spent the day relaxing which makes the length of the day nice for a change. My son had a playmate over this morning. His little sister was happy to play with my toddler and she enjoyed rummaging through his toys. That was really nice.

My husband was home for his one Saturday a month day off so he made lunch. Inari zushi - yummy! Even more so because I didn't have to make them or be involved in their purchase.

After lunch we were most entertained by The Exterminator! I'd had several conversations on the phone with him so I knew he was going to be a friendly chap. He was rather rotund with a huge round tummy. I've got nothing against Bringing Chubby Back being on the large side myself. But we got a case of the giggles when we realised he was going to have to squeeze through a man-hole in the bathroom floor no more than 50x50cm square. The Exterminator assured us he'd be able to get through and blow me down he did! Then we could hear little groans and panting as he inched his way around under the floorboards. It was too funny! Happily we do not have any of the dreaded shiro ari - termites.

After all that exertion we were feeling peckish so my son and I whipped up a batch of apricot scones. They were a huge success, enjoyed by all. It's been a week for baking as you can see. I have a real sweet tooth but it's too hot to bake during summer.

The rest of the day has been uneventful so I'll leave it at that for now.

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  1. When the weather cools off I get in the mood to bake too. The scones look yummy.

    Bringing chubby back...LOL! I loved that when I heard it on American Idol for the first time.


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