The bag lady

Me: Actually I've got a new bag for winter.

Master Five: Oh has it got snowmen or something all over it?

Me: Laughing hysterically. NO! it's the material that's wintery.

I bring out the bag, which was given to me by my friend Murasaki who had too much luggage.

Me: Oh, it's got butterflies on it.

Master Five: That's for summer, dorkus!

Me: No it's not, look, do you like it?

Master Five: No, it's got Nana written on it (the brand). That's Nana-ry.
(We call our grandmother, my mother, Nana).


We decide to take some photos. Ask our Internet pals for their input. Then we notice that Master One has on a t-shirt that reads I love Nana. We're sold!

Does anyone want that bag I made the other day? It's too shallow for all my junk. Might make a nice knitting needle bag. Muriel?


  1. If no one else has spoken for it, I'll take it. I thought it was lovely.

  2. Can I have the butterfly one????
    can I? can I?

  3. Muriel!

    The bag is yours Sherry.


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