Bringing the outdoors in

My house is very neutral. It has white walls and ceilings, mushroom curtains and cherry floors. The only colour is our maroon carpet and couch.

I wanted to live in the house before I decorated too much. Lately I am feeling the need for more colour. I'm stuck with the maroon couch and carpet. I am thinking green.

Today I picked a small bunch of fern fronds out of the garden for a little nature in our bathroom.

I'm popping out for a while. I'll be back later.


  1. Green is nice or even a royal blue? I really like the contrast of colours in the pic you uploaded.

    Don't you find the hectic mix of kids toys is enough. I pray for the end of the day when the kids toys are put away and the floor can be seen again!

  2. I am not a big fan of blue but I do like teal which is a cross between blue and green so could be a nice compromise.

    Oh toys! When I had my first child I was keen on the primary colours and had his room decked out in red, green and blue.

    Now with my second child I wonder why so many kids' toys are that BRIGHT yellow.

    I hide their toys when people come over.


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