Calling all animal lovers

Great, it's finished. I'm pleased with it but of course it seems too small. I really need that bag from a few posts back. The giant roomy market bag from moop.

I made the matching purse a while ago. It's been great for my cell phone (baby can't operate zippers yet). I've been really happy with it and love the fabric.

We have a ladybird lover as part of our readership. Is there a wolf lover in our midst?


  1. aaaaaoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    Get one of my business cards from MRS.T. next time you see her if I don't send you one first.

    and hey...send me some of that wolf stuff or I will come and take your kids....

  2. Wow I love it. That's a great bag!! You have a way with colours and patterns.
    I too loved the moop bag. Exactly what I am wanting (i.e a pleated bag) except I'd like it in a slightly shiny fake leather..

  3. Jan! I have one of your business cards on my noticeboard. When I last saw Mrs T she saw my cell phone case and said "Oh Jan in Nagasaki would love this!"

    I was very close to sending the unfinished bag to you but I love the fabric too much.

    I'm not even sure if there's any left. It was a tiny remnant I found at the shop in the first place.

    So ...what time will you be here for my kids, I'll pack their blankies. hehehehe

    Corrina, I confess that the bag is all one piece, not patched together as it would appear. The designer, Etsuko F has great sensibilities.

    Patent leather is all the rage this year and that slightly shiny stuff too.

  4. This looks fantastic! It is really great and funky. I don't know what it is about bags but you can never have enough and I never seem to have the kind I want.

    Ladybird material bought will attempt to make some bags soon or I will be stuck with a double load in March and no way of getting it right!

  5. That fabric sounds really perfect. I'll help if you need me to.


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