Check me out on Etsy

I'm taking the plunge. Going for it. Not sure what I'll sell yet but I have set up my shop on Etsy.

Meeabee is the name of my shop. I have been thinking about this name for years. It's derived from our surname Miyab****. It's hard for non-Japanese to pronounce of course but I want to establish the Japanese connection in my shop.

Exciting times - now I have a focus.

** If you missed the picture, sorry! It's been edited out.


  1. I don't think you look tired and haggard and I think your dimples are cute.

    this is an artist photo and it says "buy my stuff and trust me"

  2. I agree、I have seen worse. Meeabee sounds great too. Easy to remember and catchy.

    Good luck with it and success vibes heading your way!

    Maybe I can work out how to put in a handle today. I'll give it a whiz.

  3. Thanks! Dimples, yes they're usually a hit. One of the first Japanese words I learnt.

    Kaimacat - you've seen me look worse? oh gawd.

    Yes buy my stuff and trust me, hehehe.

  4. Oh I feel tired and haggard though.

  5. You know what they say about dimples in Japan, don't you? At least about men with dimples. I guess it applies to women too.

  6. NOOOOOO, what do they say? Panic-stricken look on my face.

    Men with dimples ... I've got no idea.

    It's not something like men with big feet?

  7. They say that men with dimples are kinky. Or at least that's what they say around here. I know this because my DH has dimples and when people realize this they point it out to me. I guess they are expecting me to confirm or deny it. I just smile and say, "sou desu ka?"

    I am not sure if it applies to women or not.

  8. I see ...

    I can say without a doubt that it does not apply to women.


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