Chocolate Saves the Day

I'm not sure where it went wrong. Oh come to think of it I do know. The whole day wasn't a write-off just the latter half (after kindergarten onwards). It's 10 o clock and I am just sitting down to write my day's posts. Anyway, it's all much better now my kids are sleeping and my husband just got home with block of my favourite chocolate, Ghana. That and a cup of tea, I'm good to go.

This morning I did some sewing. I had a bag that I started months ago. (I know what's up with me and bags?). I had finished it but the handle was all wrong. Today I have fixed the handle. It's much better I think. But then I sewed in the lining the wrong way so all the seams were on the outside. Then the bobbin ran out. And now it is half past ten.

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