After a couple of days of rain and being at home indoors plus my self-imposed exile to save money I broke down and went to the mall this morning.

We're home already and I'm happy to report we did not go to Starbucks. We didn't spend any money on food or drinks.

But I find myself sitting here with a packet of fabric and a sewing pattern book. I see the horrified looks on the faces. You knew I had no will power didn't you?

I am thinking it's time to get cracking on Etsy. I think I have pinpointed a marketable asset - the fact that I am in Japan. There's a lot of interest in Japanese designers, fabric, zakka and that sort of stuff. I like it but since my home is more minimal in styling I don't really have a place for it here. In come Etsy! Perhaps I can sell some of my little creations.


  1. there is a huge market for things japanese... books too... amigurumi and zakka and traditional stuff and cute stuff. Probably great possibility in making some money...

  2. Yes, I keep seeing things "imported from Japan" and I'm like wow I could get that.
    Like you say it's possible you'd make money ...
    As you know Jan the time you put into crafts and handmade stuff makes it very difficult to recoup your real costs.
    I'll do it for love!

  3. yes and no, blooming. I mean the mark up on material and books... of course postage takes a chunk... but there is a huge market in the u.s. for japanese crafting supplies, both the traditional woven and dyed stuff and the new cutesy stuff.

    I am waiting until I become hopelessly famous and can sell my quilts for 3000 dollars a pop.


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