Counting my pennies

It sucks but I am actually having to work out a weekly budget so I can get through the next couple of months with some spending money leftover for our trip.

First to go will be Kit-Kat McFlurries from the Evil Golden Arches, Tuna-Mayo Onigiri from 7-11, Diet Cokes from the vending machines. Hey I might actually lose some weight if I cut back on all that junk food!

As far as the bulk of my spending goes it's on groceries for the family. I need to find a way of cooking nutritious filling meals for the family on a budget without my husband feeling like he's getting a raw deal (especially since he's not coming on the trip we will be saving for).

It's easy to do in Autumn and Winter with homely soups, nabe one-pot meals and steaming stews. Don't you think?

This morning I went to the local farmer's market and got loads of fresh seasonal vegetables. Before we left I put some pork chops in the Crockpot for tonight's dinner. I also made a simple rice and mushroom dish in the rice cooker.

I threw some canned beans and corn kernels together with a vinaigrette for the makings of a salad. I was pleased with the salad. I normally make too much and a lot is wasted. So I emptied the corn and the beans directly into a Ziploc fridge container and made the vinaigrette directly on top of it (hit & miss shake method). I rinsed the lettuce leaves, added the corn & bean mixture to that - in the exact quantity we needed. The rest is in the fridge and will be used in the same manner tomorrow, either for my lunch or for dinner. I might even give some to my son in his lunch box. No wastage!

Since I do live in Japan and I have access to Japanese food I have hauled out my trusty Japanese cookbook. It's pretty rudimentary but it's served me well for eleven years. I figure cooking and eating local food will be more economical. Please send me your recipes or ideas, thanks!

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  1. oh!!!! I have that book!!! it's nice and the recipes re fairly normal and not all fancy and complicated to make.

    don't underestiamte the power or half price shopping...I get most of my bread half price and much of the meat shopping on sale and only but processed stuff (chicken nuggets, sausage, ham, bacon) when it is half fact some stuff I only buy on sale and the rest of the time do with out....

    and definitely from scratch is much cheaper than from a mix or a bottle.....

    good luck!!!!! stay away from MacD's and vending machines and you are off to a good start!!!


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