Delicious Weather

It's so beautiful here in Airport Town that we decided to eat lunch outside. It was a half day at kindergarten so it was worth making sushi for lunch for the three of us. It was very nice but we've had to hose down the patio where the baby was sitting.
Baby+Sticky Rice = Mess

Last night I had a go at vegetable croquettes. Mrs T gave me the bones of a recipe over the phone and I consulted my pink book when I decided to add a few extra things. My boys said they were the most delicious things ever!

Mrs T quite often gives me recipe ideas that I jot down. So I have decided I will make some recipe cards. Something like this. I might be able to keep better track of little cards rather than post-it notes and scraps of paper.

My mother makes lists of websites she thinks I should look at. Since she doesn't have a computer she can't email them to me. A little notepad for websites might be handy too. Then it will just be a matter of finding the notepad and locating a pen that works while I am on the phone!

These sound like Gocco projects to me. I'm off to find a nice font at Oh and I guess I had better give some thought to tonight's dinner.


  1. That is a great idea. My Mum always did that and I inherited a collection of cards with really diverse recipes, all with
    'from the kitchen of..........'
    on them. I hardly ever use recipes but I love having the cards.
    Those cards you have in mind look good too...'from the brilliant brain of....' perfect, cos that Mrs T sounds like a bit if a brilliant brain to me.

  2. I don't know if this is something you would be interested in, but I saw it on Parentdish today and thought it was kind of cool.


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