An endless paperless trail

I have been planning a post about my Print Gocco for about a week now. The Print Gocco is a little screen printing machine that was invented here in Japan to print New Year's postcards. You can read further in this earlier post.
As I have been composing this post I pop online to research facts, gets ideas etc. Then I end up wasting what little time I have following every link. I feel like I'll never get where I want to go.

This is what I have done so far:

1. Bought the Print Gocco. I got a great deal on a complete set, from my local stationer's. They have the inks in stock as well as the full catalogue from which I can order anything extra.

2. Watched the instructional video (all in Japanese).

3. Wasted four light bulbs and a full set of postcards on my first attempt to print something. Note to self - photos don't come out very well.

4. Created some original artwork to print. Not very happy with the results since I have zero drawing ability.

5. Spent a month on a trial of Adobe Illustrator creating cool stuff but still ended up with nothing for the Gocco. Now I am locked out of the files since I can't afford to buy the software.

6. Joined the Gocco Flickr group for further inspiration.

Which brings us up to date. I'm going to bite the bullet and make some postcards. I'll use one of my Illustrator ones. I'll learn from my mistakes, hopefully I'll end up with something nice in the end.

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