An evening in front of the box

My kids were just heading off to bed when my husband called to say he was on his way home - sick. I hate it when he is sick.

I ate my dinner in front of the TV even though there was nothing on. I ended up watching Fargo. Then I sat through almost a whole video of Backstreet Boys! before I realized the title should be Unpalatable rather than Inconsolable.

I'm off to bed myself now to read The Monsters of Templeton.

Just one more day before the week is over. TGI Friday tomorrow.


  1. Oh my Gad. I love Fargo.

    Is your husband well and working today or is he (gasp) home all day.?

  2. In typical fashion (for him at least) he went to work. Thank for your concern! I absolutely could not have handled having him home all day. :)

    Fargo is brilliant isn't it?


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