Faltering - Is Etsy and Online Selling right for me?

My new Etsy venture has had me up all night - that and a pesky mosquito in my room. Rationally, by the light of day I can see that I have nothing to lose.

But fears have crept in. There's too much competition. The market is saturated. People are over Japan and the Japanese cute. I can't sew well enough to sell.

And in the dead of the night I've been convinced a paedophile has tracked me down and is going to lay in wait for my kids. In my nightmare he starts off buying kindergarten lunch bags and place mats. Eventually he wins his way into our lives and goes in for the kill.

Thank goodness the night is over!


  1. Oh, dear. The imagination can run away with you, can't it?

    I think you will do very well. Try not to stress out about it. There is nothing to lose really.

    And what is up with the mosquito. It is time for them to be gone. They are still horrible around DD's yochien. I have to spray her with bug spray everyday. I am almost out though and official bug spray season is over so I can't find anymore. Someone please tell the bugs.

  2. I know how you feel. It is really scarey starting up something new and not feeling you have a handle on it.

    On the practical side. You have spent nothing pretty much in set up expenses and all you have to do is let your imagination go. On creation not on future bogeymen. If it doesn't work then something else may come to you in the process. All the competition are missing something that Meeabee has and that is you and your ideas. Go for it! Nothing to lose.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence. It really means a lot to me.

  4. Mozzies!! Those pesty buggers keep turning up.

  5. As someone who has recently come into possession of one of your creations I have to say your work fabulous. You will have lots of success so stop worrying and second guessing yourself.

    Your son also makes some nice cards too I might add.

  6. Sherry, you're a ray of sunshine on my black black day. Thank you. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how your comment has cheered me up today.

    I hope the bag is useful to you. Did I send the magnetic clip? You'll have to put it back in yourself. It was all wrong how I had it.

    I'm so glad the card was there. I couldn't find it anywhere, was it all scrunched up in the bag? Silly me!


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