Flight of Fancy: Planning a trip to Guam

If you have been reading my blog you'll know I am subject to flights of fancy, whims and spur of the moment actions!

Tonight I struck upon the idea of a trip to Guam. I floated the idea when my husband got home. He was not too excited, as usual. He knows me too well to take me too seriously. But after dinner he suggested checking it out.

I looked at the Guam Visitors Bureau. I was most excited to see the list of shops there. I know several of my readers and fellow bloggers have talked about the shopping. And that would be my main purpose for going.

Next stop was my online bank account. I have been teaching two students for the better part of the year so I think I have saved up enough for me and the kids to nip off somewhere. I've already written off the trip to New Zealand since the flights alone will cost almost a million yen during the peak season.

Finally I have been fiddling around on Expedia. Flights from KIX to Agana start at just $409 per person with ANA. I'd choose ANA since I am a Star Alliance member for airpoints.

The flights seem to leave late at night and arrive in the middle of the night which might be tough on my kids, especially the baby. But life is nothing if there isn't some adventure in it. It would be the baby's first trip overseas. The flight takes about three and a half hours according to the flight finder.

I probably wouldn't want a rental car since I have never driven on the wrong side of the road so I will need to find a cheap hotel within walking distance of the malls. Or at least on a bus route.

I am thinking the last week of the year will be the perfect time to go. Actually go for Christmas. My husband will be at work anyway and then he will be home for the week over New Years by which time we will be back.

I wonder how much of the city closes for Christmas?

I will pop over to Fodor's and Lonely Planet to see what else I can find out.

Quote from Lonely Planet: Think palm trees, white beaches, coral reefs - and the world's biggest K-Mart. Now I'm getting excited.

On Trip Advisor a local has recommended the Guam Mai'Ana Hotel as being closest to the airport. Rates start at $90.00 per night. There's no website so ... Day's Inn is also mentioned as being affordable.

Drop me a line if you have Guam travel tips please! Oh and anyone want to join us?


  1. I've been wanting to go to Guam for several months now but haven't made any moves to actually try to do it. I was wanting to go without the kids though so scheduling is a problem. LOL!

    That would be fun if we could meetup and go together. Might even drag the kids along then. I know how to drive on the RIGHT side of the road so we could go anywhere. LOL!

  2. Well if you 2 are going I def. want to come, funds are limited so all donations to Paypal appreciated!!
    I can't drive on the WRONG side either and I lack the muscle tone for holding small infants, so I don't know what my contribution would be other than I can open a bottle of ( corked) wine with my teeth, keep hordes of over 3s amused AND supply ready wit and rapid repartee!!! Any takers????

  3. We will definitely need someone to carry all our bags to the car after we hit K-Mart, Macy's and maybe even Louis Vuitton!
    So yes, pack your bags Muriel.

    Sherry and Jean are off to Guam!

  4. A Guam paypal fund? Brilliant! Must set up one of those as I have no idea how I will finance a trip at the moment. Can you sell kids on E-Bay? (Just kidding. Or am I? Mwa-ha-ha!)

  5. Haha, you're wondering how much of the 'city' closes over Xmas, but there isn't a city! Don't worry though, Xmas is PEAK tourist season so everything is kept open.


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