Fresh baked

I've spent a lovely morning at the home of one of the kindergarten mothers. She's a big fan of my Double Chocolate muffins. It's an inexpensive way of thanking her for all the help she has given me over these past two years, plus I get to eat the extras!

Morning out at a friend's house = 0 yen spent.


  1. Double chocolate??!!??!!!! Those look fantastic. Would you share the recipe or is it a family secret?


    BTW, I`ve been thoroughly enjoying your blog!

  2. again , I wonder if you have my address......

    dayum...those look good enough to eat!!!!!

    recipe please, pretty please!!!!

  3. I have to confess it is not my own recipe.
    I'm happy to share it, shall I photocopy and mail it to you both?

    They are so good.

  4. Okay! I`ll send you my address on FWC. Thanks!


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