From the list - Birthday cakes

This was last year's cake. From a book it's called Castle of Darkness. I followed the instructions from the Australian Women's Weekly cookbook. This year, the little man has not given me any ideas. His birthday is next month. He'll have pretty high expectations I think. Ideas? He'll be six. It's the starting school age. A momentous birthday.


  1. How about a shark cake with an ocean theme party!!!!!

    octopus cupcakes and squid snacks and snorkels and diving gear and jelly fish!!!!

  2. OMG Jean so sorry I hear your hint loud and clear and will send that thing to you. My deepest apologies for the delay.

  3. Muriel - no hints intended. Just thinking about the coming month that's all. I might need to order or hunt down the decorations if we need any. Like the lollies and stuff.

    Jan's ideas are great! Thanks!

  4. This cake looks great and just like the picture in the book!

    You said he is going to school? Why not make him a black board cake or a pencil case cake?

    Aeroplane for the trip to Guam?

    Box of paints?


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