Glorious Weather

We have been having the most amazing blue sky days here in Sunny Airport Town. I just love the cloud formations in autumn. They are like huge scaly fish in the sky. Plus we are having gorgeous pink and purple sunsets.

It makes me feel like ... cleaning! I spent the afternoon mopping, vacuuming and wiping the counters. The kitchen was sparkling and lovely before my little guy ate his dinner, sigh.

In keeping with my frugal attempts tonight's dinner was prepared with pantry staples mainly from Costco but they needn't have been.

For my one year old I made Couscous Kedgeree. I have a recipe but I've made it so many times I just do it from memory:

Melt about a teaspoon of butter or margarine in a small pot, throw in half a teaspoon of curry powder, then add about a quarter of a cup of raw couscous. Add water according to the couscous package directions plus some frozen mixed vegetables or frozen peas. Bring to the boil, switch of heat and leave with the lid on until the couscous has absorbed all the water. Top with flaked canned tuna to serve. You can also fry some spring onions in the butter in the first stage.

This recipe is from one of my trusty Alison Holst cookbooks. It's absolutely delicious although the one year old objected to the texture or perhaps the peas were not cooked through because he spat most of it out. I shared his leftovers with my older son.

For the rest of the family I made a Salmon Soufflé. It sounds fancy but it is very simple. It uses canned salmon. The soufflé part of it comes from separating the eggs and whisking the whites to aerate the dish. I also add a can of corn and decorate the top with cubes of bread which crisp up in the oven to form croûtons - my son's favorite part. It's a trusty store cupboard standby and can be prepared in advance. It's baked in the oven but can be eaten hot, warm or cold. Again I made this from memory but the recipe was given to me by my auntie.

Paired with a salad, the same as last night, it was a very tasty meal. And we have leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.

Speaking of Costco did you know you can order from Costco through The Flying Pig? I live about an hour from Costco but we hardly ever go because it seems far and we have to use the toll roads. So I order from TFP. I pay extra of course, they have a mark-up and you pay shipping but it's worth it occasionally for the time it saves. A trip to Costco takes the whole day for us. The staff (or owners) of Flying Pig are super helpful even going so far as to call me from Costco to confirm or check items I have ordered. And there have never been any errors with the billing or my order.


  1. Okay, get this. I live only a few kilometers from Costco, but I still often use Flying Pig. Sometimes I meet friends at the train station and then ride with them, but I have to have everything delivered because I can't drag it all back on the train. We have a car, but I don't drive so I have to get DH to go on the weekends which is a nightmare. The weekend crowds put even normally mild mannered DH into a rage. You can imagine what they do to me. LOL! It is a more expensive, but Flying Pig is great!

  2. I went a few weeks ago on a weekday morning - it was stroller city - thousands of dithering young mums and screaming toddlers.

    What would be ideal would be to go on mu own with no kids and no time restraints - oh and an unlimited budget!


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