Going sew crazy!

While my boys were out this morning I got stuck into my sewing. The handicrafts for the school fair are due in this week. I had a few niggling ideas for things to make. My sewing desk is set up permanently next to my computer. It saves so much time having it ready to go since the time I have to sew is limited. I can only sew while the baby is sleeping.

Some of you may recognize this fabric. It was last seen as a summer skirt. Since I had only worn and washed it once it's now been remade into a kindergarten lunch kit. That's two drawstring bags for the lunch box and cup plus a place mat. It's not cutesy three year old's fabric but I figure someone might like it as a back-up set. Who cares! I just have to pass something in to sell.

Sifting through the material box I found this cute fleece fabric. I bought it years ago from the bargain bin. Now it's a bolster cushion/pillow for my little guy's room. At age one he doesn't need a pillow or a cushion but the colors are perfect for his room. Wish Bear loves it!

Also for the baby's room is this very old-fashioned idea. A draft stopper snake. The baby's room is cooler being on the east side of the house. I've been using a towel to stop drafts and also to stop that small crack of light shining under the door, especially when we are still up at night. I've stuffed it with rice.


  1. excellent excellent creativity and use of materials on hand. I would say a very very productive day, indeed.

  2. It is all lovely as always. I know some people don't like to make all those bags and things for kindergarten, or they can't sew, but I enjoy making all of it, even if my sewing skills are marginal at best. It's all really beautiful. I wish I could set my stuff up someplace and leave it there. Right now I don't have a space for it.


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