Happy Halloween

On the way to school this morning I commented that today is Halloween. Mister Five replied "That's funny nobody's got their cars decorated". I fear he's past the point of no return.


  1. Happy Halloween

    Ok even though I have no art/crafts to sell, I've spent the last while checking out and getting quite excited about Etsy.

    Are you on Facebook?--there are etsy groups there. A way to market yourself! (ie the We love etsy group).

    Sorry, you've probably done all that already. Pardon my enthusiasm.

  2. Hi dongurigal!

    Your enthusiasm is fantastic and much appreciated. I didn't know there was an I heart Etsy group on Facebook, I'll definitely check it out.

    Keep the ideas comin'!

    I had a thought, with you being an expat, you could start an shop yourself. Crafts inspired by your "current" location wherever that may be. There must be a crafty gene inside you somewhere if you're excited about etsy.


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