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This morning on the way home from kindergarten my friend and I were discussing returning to the workforce. The company that I worked for up until six years ago has gone bust so there's no hope of returning to that job. We talked about teaching but I told her I didn't think I would want to open my own school. Then she suggested starting my own cafe!

In my ideas column on the left you'll see that I have an idea for a cafe. I love to bake. I really enjoy coffee mornings. I have pretty tea sets, cake plates and serving platters. I thought I could combine this love of cafe-style entertaining with English conversation. Actually I wouldn't teach, merely facilitate conversation over coffee and cake. Maybe share a recipe or demonstrate a technique.

This might be a good idea. What do you think? I'd probably charge a fixed rate much the same as a private English conversation lesson. I'd also want to make sure the guests didn't stay all day, so limit the time or actually have a fixed time period. All the preparation would be done in advance. It would be fun. Is anyone doing this kind of thing? What are the pros and cons?


  1. my plan is to someday have my own "space" this space would include tables for english lessons or crafting in groups.... also during down times a corner "cafe" with light meals (vegetarian of course) and coffee/tea/desserts. I would hope that it would be a warm place for people to gather.... with music and books.

    so, I think that an english coffee shop is an excellent idea. It sounds right up your alley!!!!

  2. It's a fab idea--keep posting ideas for it. I already like the name, too.


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