International Letter Writing Week

Today at the post office I picked up the 2007 International Letter Writing Week stamps. There are three denominations to choose from 90 yen, 110 yen or 130 yen. I wouldn't say they are pretty - each one depicts a scene from old times, by a well known artist whose name I cannot read - help I need a translator ;) . Something Gawa who was alive from 1797 - 1858. I'm sure you all know who I am talking about.

Anyway apparently it was International Letter Writing Week last week. I think I sent one of my practice postcards to my mother so I guess that counts.

On the topic of stamps and in the interests of budgeting I bought all the stamps for my Christmas and overseas New Year's Cards today. Since I have all these postcards here I am just sending them instead of proper cards. It's only 70 yen to send a postcard anywhere in the world whereas it costs 110 yen to send a card to most countries.

*Did you know?
This is unverified but it always works for me, if you write GREETING CARD in the top left hand corner of your envelope you can send it for 110 yen even if it is oversize. Ask your local post office clerk to look it up.

Another tip with regards to bulk mailing. I don't do it though. Put all of your cards or letters into an EMS envelope, send it to your home country and have your mother or friend mail them on for you. It costs more to send things EMS but if you have a lot of cards it may work out cheaper.

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