It's the weekend

After a week of late nights, too much coffee and typeface nightmares I feel a relaxing weekend is in order. My boy has four days off from kindergarten and he'll be at his grandparents' for one of those days. Little Fella and I will continue with the gardening we started earlier this week.

This morning Little Fella had the TV on (he loves buttons and remotes being a one-year old). We caught a snippet of a morning show segment about bulbs. Apparently it's time to plant bulbs for spring flowers. I kind of knew that. I'm not known as Mrs Green Thumb.

I learned this: on the bulb packets there are abbreviations such as DE or SL. These refer to the flower head, single or double. And the blooming time - early or late in the season. Armed with this useful information you could plan your garden to have tulips in flower continuously from March to late May. Wouldn't that be too Martha Stewart?

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hmmm I'm wondering--You downloaded a month of practice illustrator from the US. Can you get practice illustrator from other countries? Can you sign up for a month-long freebie from Canada. Then later from the UK. Then Australia. Then New Zealand (that's 4 months). Then, you'll know it inside out and you can try the free Spanish version and the free French version and the free Japanese version!

    Is that possible?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Good suggestions, thanks! But I read through the conditions on the Adobe home page which pretty much says you cannot download the same trial twice on the same computer. I don't think it would matter which country you said you were from. Dang it.

    However my husband has a laptop that he leaves at home everyday ...


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