Making Cards

Only four days to go of my Illustrator 30 day trial. I checked online it's almost US$800.00 to buy so it'll be bye-bye from me.

I have made a few things, still just learning you know. I'll give you guys a sneak peak. Don't laugh!

I'm still stuck on Christmas although I did a birthday peacock. A peacock you say? Hard to say where the inspiration for that one came from. I'm really pleased with the color detail of the spots, each one is actually hand done and is three dots in a layer.

This tree is in my neighbor's garden. We have one too but this is the one I see more often, as I am pegging out my laundry each day. It's come out blurry, oh well.

Card making or anything creative is really hard for me. I see things in the shops or in magazines and I think it would be so easy to make. But when it comes down to it there's a reason why those people are employed to make the stuff and I am not!

Back to the drawing board!

Perhaps you have a suggestion for what I should try next?


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