More outdoor work

We spent the morning pruning the shrubs along the driveway. There's not much method to my madness so I hope I haven't killed all of them. I'm pretty sure I just chopped at them randomly last year and they seem to have survived.

We ate lunch outside. I made it nice by laying down an old carpet under our table and chairs. You love that don't you! Actually the carpet is destined for the large rubbish collection.


After lunch we hit the hardware shop. I love "home centers". Are they called home centers in other countries? To me that's always seemed like Japanese-English. Back home we usually just say we're going to Mitre 10 or Bunnings, referring to the name of the shop.

Anyway I digress. We got a terracotta pot to replace the one I smashed accidentally this week. And a hoe and some solar powered garden lights.

I think gardening might be my new weight loss scheme. My wrist isn't hurting anymore (my carpel tunnel syndrome). Now my whole body is aching from hacking at a year's worth of weeds in the jungle.

Ha ha ha!

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