I'm sure you really need to know this information and even if you don't I'm telling you anyway. After 15 months to the day I am officially no longer breastfeeding!

Champagne cocktails all round!

I had a rocky start and lacked confidence big time. A visit from the lac-consultant and a chat on the phone plus several emails with a Tokyo based lac-consultant and I was away laughing.

After six months I had a conversation with my phone buddy. I remember saying "I'm doing it. I have kept this little person alive for six whole months". He was exclusively breastfed that entire time: it was all me, I'm wonderful!

It was tough. I wanted to give up many times. But we did it and we made it through till now.

I'm hanging up my nursing bras for good. Or perhaps we'll have a ceremonial bonfire!


  1. Wow! That is a great achievement and to have done it for so long even after problems at the start. You deserve a medal!

    So many people think that breastfeeding is natural therefore easy. Unfortunately it really isn't and takes time for Mum and bub to get right. Well Done. Congratulations on weaning too. That, it itself is hard to do. Gotta let go...

  2. no, don't toss them.... make something memorable from them... like a ....oh shit... I don't know... make SOMETHING!!!!!

    and I remember the feeling well.. it was bittersweet.

  3. well done, but what is Ty gonna eat now?

  4. Jan, you're right. I'll make them into hats for my dearest friends as Christmas presents. Send me your address.

    Ty will probably have to resort to eating scraps off the kitchen floor since there are no ales on tap anymore.

    Naahh, it was his idea. I miss that cuddle time and I got a few minutes to sit in front of the television in the evening while we finished up.

  5. Congratulations, Blooming, you did magnificently with it, sticking at it and all, was very impressive.

    Your son is fine healthy happy boy!

    I heard a rumour ( shhh) that Jan in Nagasaki was hoping for one of the earmuff there's an idea in the making...see where I am going with this?


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