One last little project

Tonight I decided to spend the evening with my husband. He did the dishes and vacuumed (since he dropped and smashed my coffee cup on the floor) while I forced him to admire every single one of my postcards.

We talked about the cost of Illustrator and the fact that he has a Japanese version that I might be able to use. It doesn't look like I'll be getting my own one as a birthday surprise.

He agreed that my cards are great. He knows how hard Illustrator is to learn. I really thought he was going to say "Gosh you really are creative!" but he didn't.

Anyway he went to bed early which is why I am back here printing stuff out and quickly whipping up new things.

I did have this little idea. I used one of my practice postcards and covered a freebie address book I had lying around. Now it's a wonderful personalized address book! (well you can't see that it's an address book, you'll have to trust me!).

Update: for those of you who care. It's just struck midnight. I opened up the Illustrator program files. It said Your trial period has ended. When I tried to close the dialog box I was told that I would need to enter a valid product code/proof of purchase if I wanted to continue. Boo hoo.

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