Oooh I'm in style

Wow, I think my hairdresser may have been up on the latest trends. This is what my hair would look like if I were a super model with thick glossy tresses. I'm about 20% there. Like nice try ... you've got a nice personality...

"5 Short & chic
TRENDS: Ditch the matronly image. The new bob is heavily layered throughout, cupping the jawline and angled shorter towards the back.
SUITS: "A look for all women, but if you're too round in the face, you will need layers at the front to soften the style," comments Cutler.
HOW-TO: Apply a straightening balm throughout the length of the hair, then blow-dry your strands straight with the nozzle angled downwards for a smooth finish. To give the bob a modern look, style with a little bit of wax or paste to give it more texture." from marie claire via yahoo lifestyle

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