Protesting the Fingerprinting Law

From November 20th this year ALL foreigners will be subjected to fingerprinting and retinal scanning upon entering or returning to Japan. This has been presented as an anti-terrorist measure. (I can see why they'd think I was a terrorist, yeah right). You can read the government justification of the laws here.

Personally I don't feel too strongly about this. It's just another one of those things you can't do anything about like alien registration cards, re-entry permits and no dual citizenship. Or can we do something about it?

At immigration in New Zealand a few years ago I was asked if my son, a Japanese passport holder, had a return ticket. That was a wake-up call for me. My children could feasibly be taken to a different part of the airport where I would not be able to enter. S*** they're only one and five years old for crying out loud.

When it comes to my kids I do feel strongly.

I feel very strongly about the laws regarding child custody and the fact that Japan will not sign the Hague Convention.

"Japan is the only G-7 industrialized country that is not a party to The Hague abduction convention, which is an important tool for those seeking the return of children abducted across international borders, or to exercise their rights of access to see them. Japanese law enforcement and social service agencies do not enforce custody orders, international arrest warrants, and extradition requests relating to international child abduction. Japan also indirectly supports international child abduction by not having a formal two-parent signature requirement for obtaining passports for minors." from the Child's Right's Council of Japan.

It's all just the tip of a very ugly iceberg.

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