A quiet day

Things are ticking along with our plans for the trip to Guam. I think it's really going to happen! I've had some pieces of advice and insider tips passed along so it's looking good. It's all going to come down to finances I expect.

This evening I spent some time wrapping Christmas presents. I think I have almost everyone in my extended family covered, except my dad. Why are fathers so hard to buy for? Mine has just taken up golf (lightbulb moment!) I think a trip to the local golf pro shop might be in order!

Once I get dad's present bought and wrapped I'll be able to mail the box of prezzies by sea while allowing plenty of time for it to arrive.

I do have a small dilemma. My sister is having a baby next month. Of course we're all very happy and can't wait. I've bought a few presents for the baby for Christmas but I won't know his/her name until the end of November. I'd like to get the parcel away sooner than that so what I've done is labeled the baby's gifts as To The Family. Perhaps I should just leave them blank? Or maybe they should be mailed later?

If we do end up going to Guam that will be our Christmas present. I won't buy the kids anything until we get there. My husband won't mind if we don't do anything much for Christmas at home since he is more into New Year's.

Speaking of New Year's I picked up the brochure for o sechi this week. We have ordered the big fancy box of food for the past two years. We used to cook everything ourselves, my husband and I enjoy it. But I think last year we were exhausted with a new baby and the year before I was exhausted because I was pregnant. Anyway if you order before a certain date you get a tiny measly 5% discount - better than nothing! We'll get ours from our local supermarket, Okuwa. It was really nice last year so we are ordering the same one again. I'll order it this week while I still have some money. I have several family birthdays coming up as well as Christmas and our trip so I will need to work out a careful budget. How boring.


  1. holy crap!!! good for you getting ready for christmas early!!!!!!

    I just want to make sure that you have my current address and that before you go to guam I give you a complete and itemized shopping list.

    Wish I could go with you!!!!!

  2. Oh yes Jan - super planner here. Last year since I had the baby I didn't do much for Christmas and felt a bit bad about the lack of presents sent out.

    This year I thought I would approach Christmas in a calm and thoughtful manner, picking up stuff when I saw it rather than spending time deliberating and having to go back to the shops then not be able to find the thing.

    Please DO send me a list for Guam. For the first time ever in my life I will be allowed TWO suitcases (each!!!!) New Zealand has a pathetic luggage allowance, a total of 20 kg per person. It's virtually impossible to stick to so I always end up paying to ship stuff back at great expense.

    I wish you could come too!

  3. I have made various new year's food in the past and I think buying those ready made sets is the way to go. Personally, I think all that food is horrible anyway - homemade or store bought - so go with what is easiest for you I say.

    I so want to tag along to Guam, but I don't see it happening this year. I haven't given up yet though. How hard is it to rob a bank in Japan do you think?



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